Pine Marten Photography Days

Pine marten photography hide rental near Inverness



Scotland’s most popular hide for photographing pine martens during daylight hours.

We have had great success for the last 4 years, and our daylight pine marten hide is now firmly established as the most popular in Scotland. Images from this hide have gone on to be published in BBC Wildlife Magazine, widely published in national newspapers, and awarded in national photography competitions.

DATES – 1st May-31st August 2021

Prices (discounts available for multi-day bookings. Please enquire).

Individual£135 per person. Due to social distancing, you will have the hide to yourself, and will not be sharing with other members of the public.
– Exclusive use for a group of 2 people£215 total. Ideal for couples/friends who wish to book together and have the hide to themselves.

Frequently asked questions

Are sightings guaranteed? No – there are never any guarantees with wildlife. However, over the last 4 years our success rate has ranged between 80 and 95% for photographers getting daylight pine marten photos. This is a very high success rate for such an elusive species.

Will I have to share the hide with other photographers?the hide is very popular, so for standard bookings, you will probably be sharing with one other photographer. If you would like exclusive use of the hide, please be sure to refer to the prices above, and specify when you book.

Is this a guided hide session? – James Roddie, or another guide for Black Isle Nature Photography, will provide detailed guidance regarding the animal’s specific behavioural patterns, and recommended camera settings, before leaving you in the hide for the day.

Are my chances of success increased if I book two days or more? – Yes. As is the case with all wildlife photography, the more time you put in, the higher your chances of success. Discounts are available for multi-day bookings – please contact me for more information.

What else can I photograph at the hide?Red squirrels visit daily, and appear regularly. Woodpeckers, jays and bank voles are also common visitors. Rarer visitors include roe deer and badger.

Are children allowed in the hide? – The minimum age limit is 16.

(Please note there are Terms and Conditions which will be made available before you book)

Fitness level: Easy. Access to the pine marten photography hide involves a short walk along a forestry track before entering the forest. Car parking is available close by.
Facilities: Please note there are no toilet facilities at this site.
Footwear: Walking or warm wellington style boots are recommended. Please note that the path can be very muddy.
Clothing: This is a summer activity however there are days where is will be cold in the hide.  Please check the weather before you arrive and ensure that your clothing is camo or neutral colours.
Lunch. You will be in the hide from 10am until you decide to leave. Lunch and water will be required.
Suggested camera kit. DSLR or similar. Lens 300 – 500mm. Tripod.
Location: The Black Isle. Meeting point, The car park. Millbank road. Munlochy, IV8 8ND