Introduction to camera trap photography

Two day Introduction to Camera Trap Photography Workshops near Inverness.


November 2020 – Mid April 2021
£200 per person

For booking, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Camera-trapping is undoubtedly one of the best ways to elevate your wildlife photography to new heights. Many of the most memorable wildlife images of recent years have been created using this method. Simply put, by photographing wildlife remotely using an infrared sensor, you are able to capture behaviour and perspectives which simply aren’t possible to achieve by any other means.

This workshop is aimed at experienced wildlife photographers, aiming to take their imagery to the next level.

Focusing on the pine martens of the Black Isle near Inverness, these two day workshops will take place at one of the numerous sites where I have pine martens visiting nightly. The workshops will cover the following aspects of camera trap photography –

– Camera trap sensor operation and configuration.
– Flash lighting for camera trapping.
– Camera settings.
– Composition and pre-visualing your images.
– Ethics and safety in camera trapping
– Managing moisture and other ‘environmental’ problems.

Frequently asked questions

– Do I need to bring my own camera trap equipment?
You will need to bring your own camera and wide-angle lenses, a tripod, memory cards and any other accessories you have. I will provide a Camtraptions PIR sensor, connecting cables, up to 6 flash guns, all flash triggers, and waterproof covers for the equipment.

– What kind of camera do I need?
A Nikon or Canon DSLR is ideal. Compact or bridge cameras are not suitable. If you use a mirrorless camera, please contact me with details and we can discuss.

– What other equipment or gear do I need? Please bring good boots or wellies, full waterproofs and warm clothing. Please bring a good torch if at all possible.

– Do I need any previous experience of flash?
No, the workshop will cover an introduction to flash photography.

– What species will we photograph? This workshop focusing on pine martens, one of the UK’s rarest and most beautiful mammals. However, there is the chance we shall get image of red squirrels, various woodland birds, and bank voles.

– Is accommodation provided? No, but I can recommend some local Bed and Breakfasts, hotels or self-catering cottages.

Cost – £200 per person
– Munlochy, near Inverness, Scottish Highlands.
Meeting point – 
the carpark on Millbank Road, Munlochy, IV8 8ND
Fitness level – So long as you are ok with walking up to a mile on rough woodland tracks, you will be fine.
Facilities – we shall be in the forest for several hours each day, so there are no toilet facilities once we have left the car.
Footwear – good walking boots essential. The day can involve walking through deep snow, so you must be able to keep your feet warm.
Clothing – it can be extremely cold, even in the spring. Full waterproofs, wooly hat, gloves, thick socks – all essential. Insulated jacket preferable.
Food – bring plenty! You’ll be out for several hours in the cold.