Staying afloat

I hate getting injured. I hate the immediacy of change that comes – the way that the foreseeable future can alter entirely in an instant.

The last time I picked up a serious injury it was a car crash, the time before that an avalanche. This time it was nothing remotely as traumatic, yet it felt like a confirmation of something I’d already expected was coming- the start of a rough spell.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in hospital over the past two weeks, but it wasn’t a cracked rib that ended me in there. My Dad is a few weeks on from a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and chemotherapy has begun. I’d picked up subtle hints for weeks that something was wrong – a cough coming through the phone, a decision to stop driving, talk of his eyesight not being what it once was. Worries had been simmering away in the back of my mind, and in small ways I’ve been preparing for some kind of impending big change for a while.

I never thought I’d have to prepare for such a thing whilst dealing with a broken bone and a decline in my own mental health. And I also didn’t expect it to come during a time when many positive things have been happening in my life – major developments in my photography career and unexpected friendships being made. I will remember the past two months with intense clarity.

Perhaps surprisingly I’ve felt a creative surge in my photography to an extent that I’ve never felt before. It’s an odd thing to have experienced during a time like this, but it has helped keep my head above the water.

Below are a series of images with little common ground, apart from the fact they were all taken during this period of profound change. Even though some of these are commissioned images which I’ve had visualised for while, to me they are now inseparable from a time of emotional turmoil and uncertainty. However, the mood of each image does not necessarily reflect a certain state of mind. I have deliberately left them un-captioned, and I thought it would be interesting to see what other people see in them, if anything.

The River Affric
Last light in Fisherfield
Goatchurch Cavern
Abandoned Ross-shire
Cave of the Liar, Applecross
Bottlenoses in the fog

Ailnack Gorge
Glen Cannich

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