The dolphin season begins

DSC_2376copyA good start to the dolphin ‘season’ in the Inner Moray Firth.

Whilst I have been seeing dolphins on-and-off throughout the winter, it is great to be seeing them again almost daily around Chanonry Point and Rosemarkie Bay. This time last year was quite uneventful at Chanonry, so it was a great surprise to see 8 or 9 dolphins hunting and breaching on only my second visit to the Point this month.

I’ve been on the beach several times over the past fortnight and it is brilliant to be seeing familiar dolphins again. The weather and light hasn’t been the best for photography but here are a few stand-out moments from the past few days. For more of my images of the dolphins of the Moray Firth, click here.

'Sundance'The huge ‘Sundance’ going at great speed.

Early-season dolphinsA bright day at Chanonry with 8 or 9 dolphins around.

Low-light dolphinsA long exposure image at dawn. I’ll be experimenting with more of this during the season.


'Zephyr' and calfThe familiar curved fin of ‘Zephyr’ and her 8-month old calf. It was wonderful to see that the calf has made it through the winter.

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