Winter returns to Torridon

SliochLooking past Slioch’s Atlantic Buttress into Fisherfield. A glimpse in towards some of the most remote summits on the British mainland.

Sail Mhor and LiathachSail Mhor and Liathach from Beinn a’Chearchaill. The classic mountaineering routes ‘Ling, Lawson & Glover’s Route’ and ‘Morrison’s Gully’, can clearly be seen on the left of the image. The corries of Liathach and Beinn Eighe are some of my favourite places in Scotland for landscape photography and winter climbing.

Into FisherfieldViews into Letterewe and Fisherfield. A day of crisp light in between heavy squalls of snow. 

'The Maiden'A’ Mhaighdean, ‘The Maiden’ in exceptionally clear conditions. 

SliochWinter has gone through numerous false-starts so far this December with snowfall usually followed by rapid thaws. 


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