More images from Mull

European adderAn adder on the Treshnish Peninsula. I’d been hoping to see adders on Mull but this individual took me by surprise as I came across it quite suddenly on a path fairly late one evening. It moved off into some heather but I later found it curled up behind a boulder a few metres away.

European adderGetting a low shooting position can be difficult sometimes with reptiles but this adder was quite obliging.

A damp day on MullHerons in the rain. I don’t know anywhere where you see as many herons as you do on Mull. I shot this image from the car window on the road down Loch Spelve.

Aurora from MullThe aurora borealis taken from outside our tent in Craignure. This is one of 3 displays of the aurora I’ve seen in Scotland in the last month.

A quiet morning on MullA still and murky morning at Pennyghael.

Taken on the Isle of Mull.A heron fishing at dusk. There was very little light left when I took this and a 10 second exposure gave the sense of motion I was looking for.

Evening light an PennyghaelMull has a large number of ruined boats lying about its shores. I’d seen this boat earlier in the day in flat light but returned later to catch the evening light.

The boats at SalenThe ruined boats at Salen.

Watchmen‘Watchmen’ – surrounding a house on the Treshnish Peninsula.

Calgary BayCalgary Bay. I used a 50mm prime lens with a narrow depth of field to get something a little different from the usual wide-angle images you see of this location.

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