Recent days with the mountain hares

Yawning mountain hare

Since my previous blog post things are looking very different at my mountain hare site. The heather is now in full flower and the hares are looking wonderful in the purple carpet which covers the hill. I have been looking forward to the heather ‘season’ for quite a while now so I’ve ended up making the hour-long trip to the hares on quite a few occasions in the last 3 weeks, eager to make the most of it.

A couple of sessions have been quite frustrating – with generally far more people about due to the summer holidays, there have been times when I’ve turned up to find the hares all spooked by dogwalkers and I’ve struggled to get any images at all. It is to be expected though, and apart from that it has been a very productive few weeks. I managed to find another ‘sitter’ recently – a hare which (with a hell of a lot of patience) you can get very close to indeed. After inching towards him for almost 2 hours he rewarded me with a vast range of amusing facial expressions as he dozed in the afternoon sun. I’ve tried to find him again a couple of times but he has eluded me, but he will definitely be one to try and find again in the future.

Additionally I have found another group of hares in a different part of the site that show a lot of promise. Unfortunately I just stumbled across them so they either immediately ran away or just sat there with a shocked look in their eyes, but now I know where they are hopefully I’ve be able to come back and approach them in a way that they are comfortable with.

Here’s some images from my last few sessions.

Mountain hare in flowering heather
Mountain hare in flowering heather
Summer mountain hare


Mountain hare in flowering heather

Mountain hare in flowering heather
Mountain hare in flowering heather

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